Shaping the future of CAM

Shaping the future of CAM

Your Committee is working to build CAM into a leading group within the IAM. We made contact with many of you through our engagement exercise, and are are off to a strong start building a new training organization to support the development of both Associates & Members

We’re aiming to build on past success training Associates & running. We propose continuous training for Members, a larger number of events, and building our public profile in Cambridgeshire

Shaping the future of CAM brings together those who have expressed an interest in helping and members who recently passed their Advanced test: if you fall into either category you should have recently received an email invitation from Chairman Ian Dunckley: if you did not receive this, (or are interested in lending your support) email Ian for further details. The aim is to give attendees:

An opportunity to meet CAM committee members
An insight into our plans for the future of CAM
The opportunity to get involved to whatever extent they wish

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