The Club’s 2021 festive meal as recounted by Vice-Chairman Ian Beeby

On a warm mid-December evening several unusually dressed figures appeared at a café in Sawston. These were not the usual crowd to be seen in Gore-Tex and BMW jackets but people dressed in shirts, trousers, and dresses, a sight not seen for nearly 2 years. They had all turned up for our Christmas Dinner at the Footprints Café – the venue in which we held our summer BBQ earlier in 2021. Things got off to a quiet start but then someone got people into a panic which luckily was a false alarm and soon over

Images courtesy of Ian Beeby & Graham Maile

After a short while we all got down to the serious business like pouring soup over ties and prawn cocktail sauce down shirt fronts. This was followed by gravy with a bit of turkey and veg or a bit of veggie tart to make more stains. This of course mixed up nicely to make great patterns with the red wine, beer or soft drinks (all included in the very reasonable ticket cost). Custard or cream dripping off Christmas pudding or Basque cheesecake followed a short break and more filling of glasses

After the food spilling was over we all sat down and got on with a nice easy quiz which our Vice Chairman had arranged. It was only 50 questions covering topics on driving, the highway code and other types of vehicles. The real easy questions were about who now owns various companies. We even had questions to take us back to days and years long past when we were in our teens or early 20s. These were questions about adverts we had seen on the goggle box and how much better programs were then

Everyone said they enjoyed themselves and many thanks must go to chef Angie and her assistant Katie, who had both spent many hours preparing and cooking the food. Brian was the chief washer-upper

Footprints Café is open from 8-30am to 3pm on Monday to Friday. During weekdays their kitchen and serving staff include many with learning disabilities (including some excellent cooks)