Sunday ride to Rutland Water (2nd June)

Using Brampton Hut Services as the departure point (a first for a Sunday ride) ride leader Peter Grant & tailer Phil Duffy are taking a maximum of 12 participants to Rutland Water on the 2nd of June

From Brampton Hut riders head north on the A1, but turn off at the first junction after just one mile). Thereafter they can expect to encounter very light traffic as they follow well-maintained, twisting B-roads through Clopton, Oundle & the Benefields, under the Welland Viaduct and into Rutland. The Rutland Nursery Café offers views of the south shore of Rutland Water. The indoor restaurant offers these breakfast options

The return route is equally scenic as it twists and turns way eastwards through Duddington, Polebrook & Glatton to the B1043 (before the A1 was constructed this was the Great North Road) then heads south to Alconbury. The ride ends where it began back at Brampton Hut, after another one-junction stretch on the A1

Start & end point  Brampton Hut Services (A1/A14)
Briefing 9:20am                  Ride departs 9:30am
Total distance 88 miles     Maximum number of participants 12

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