Group-Ride training – Saturday 11th May

We learned a lot from last year’s Ride Leader & Tail-Ender training sessions – chiefly that all participants on a group ride benefit from understanding the various guidelines (such as limiting the number of riders to 16, and having a structured pre-ride briefing) which we have in place. This training session is open to all Members & Associates: we hope that eventually everyone will have attended, reducing the number of problems on rides and making our outings safer, more accessible & a better experience for all.

What’s involved?
The day starts at 10am and is expected to end by 4pm. Activities begin in the seminar room with Module 1, which is accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation and lasts around 90 minutes. A break follows with tea, coffee & biscuits. Module 2 presentation follows, lasting roughly 30 minutes

After a break for lunch (please bring your own sandwiches), we move onto the practical, on-road session – so it’s essential that attendees arrive by bike. Although not essential, preferably attendees will be equipped with a SatNav. Current members of the RL&TE team as well as potential new recruits will have the opportunity to brief riders before heading a 20-mile ride where they will be able to ride in both the Lead & Tail positions. There will be a Q&A back in the seminar room to close the session

In summary
Whether you’re an experienced member of the RL&TE team, looking to join, or would simply like to help make our Group rides safer & more enjoyable, please support our RL&TE training by requesting your place at Over Community Centre on Saturday 11 Mayclick here now

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