The Test

The Advanced Test

If you are aiming for excellence in your riding, then merely holding a clean licence or an accident-free history is not sufficient. The IAM Advanced Rider Test is a sure way of determining your understanding of the vital link between skill & road safety

At Cambridge Advanced Motorcyclists, our main aim is to help riders reach the standard of the IAM Advanced Rider Test and improve the safety of all road users in our region

The Test

What Does the Advanced Test involve?

The Examiner, who hold a Police Advanced Motorcycling Certificate, will be assessing your ability to ride according to the System of Motorcycle Control, which is fully explained in the Advanced Rider Course Logbook

Further information on how riders prepare for their test can be found at the IAM website The Test is conducted in a spirit of friendliness and can be taken on any machine that can attain and sustain the national speed limit of 70 mph.

Once an Associate is Test-ready, the Examiner makes contact to arrange at a mutually convenient time for the Test. On the day there’s time for a friendly discussion followed by a ride brief; it’s then onto the road for a ride typically taking around an hour and covering about 35 miles

The route includes all types of roads and conditions including dual carriageways, urban areas, main roads, country lanes, residential areas and a stretch of motorway if practicable. The Examiner uses their own motorcycle, following the Test candidate in pursuit position

What is expected?

  1. To handle your machine in a safe, systematic, smooth and progressive manner, just as you should every day
  2. You must have regard for road, traffic and weather conditions and observe all speed limits
  3. The Examiner will give you route instructions and there may be checks on your powers of observation during the debrief

At the end of the Test

The Examiner will tell you if you have reached the required standard. The debriefing, irrespective of how well you have done, will be constructive & informative. Preparing for and taking the Advanced Rider Test will serve you well in wherever your riding takes you in the future