Meccanica Ducati

Still time for a taster…

Know a rider who you think might benefit from IAM membership? There’s still time (just!) to alert them to the free taster ride day being held on Saturday 7th September, from 10am to 4:00pm

Having booked a slot, a rider will enjoy a 40-minute rideout with one of the Observer Team. who will give them detailed feedback at the end of the ride with pointers to how they might take their riding forward

The venue is Ducati Harston, in whose showroom visitors can browse the renowned Italian manufacturer’s latest models. CambsIAM will be in the car park, where Taster Rides will begin and end. There will even be a van selling burgers & cold drinks!

Please contact Graham Scott to book a slot. Partcipants are asked to ensure that their bikes are fully fuelled before departure

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