Sunday 13th June was scorching hot and not ideal for being kitted out in motorcycle gear. Yet that’s how 28 people spent the day, in the process raising £280 for East Anglian Air Ambulance. Some donated without even taking part in Janet Pinion’s Treasure Hunt

14 bikers successfully cracked all the clues and criss-crossed Cambridgeshire, some with a pillion, to take selfies at each spot where the treasure lay. The heat became too much for some riders and understandably they bowed out without completing the routes they had devised the night before

Those who made it to Janet’s workplace were directed to nearby Holbrook Farm for a well-deserved break and refreshments with Janet & Martin. Over half of the entrants took up that offer, with one member staying all day! Thank you Paul Nobbs Motorcycles (clue #6) and Trim Fix (clue #1) for donating pens, key-rings & torches which were offered to Martin & Janet’s visitors

One selfie-spot had inexplicably gone missing in the two weeks since Janet had reconnoitered the route. Those who made it to Linton must have been confused that the village sign was nowhere to be seen, but with inspired common sense they sent in selfies taken alongside the post it had clearly been fixed to until recently!

The Clues

  1. Market town on the Great Ouse. Usually has an annual festival of motorcycles. Not in Cornwall. If your bike seat needs reupholstering take it to Stephenson Road and David will ‘fix’ it for you
    Selfie with the blue sign above the entrance door
  2. Small Village near St. Neots. Namesake of #52 British WSB Champion
    Selfie with the village name sign at either end of the village
  3. Village by a reservoir. Surname of a MotoGP presenter, she has interviewed #2 many times
    Selfie with the water tower off Crow Spinney Lane
  4. Spectators at the TT get a vantage point in Parliament Square in this namesake Market Town
    Selfie with the Motorcycle shop name above the entrance on Stocking Fen Rd
  5. Fenland Market Town. Every motorcyclist looks forward to spring, the month BST begins
    Selfie with a ‘Victory’ sign at this motorcycle shop
  6. ‘In-The-Isle’ village where Australian WSB/MotoGP rider Chris Vermeulen’s wife grew up
    Selfie with the Motorcycle shop name above the roller shutter door off Ely Rd
  7. Large village north of The Ship of the Fens. Claims fame by association of what’s supposedly the world’s most famous Motorcycle!
    Selfie with the metal ‘non runner’ opposite St. George’s Church
  8. Village on the far east of Cambridgeshire known for over 30 years for its MotoX track . The track itself is actually in ‘wild’ Suffolk
    Selfie with the village pump dwelling along the High St/Palace Lane
  9. Large village southeast of Cambridge, where young Mildenhall Fen Tigers speedway rider Sam Norris lives. He’s not the only ‘Tiger’ to live in this village !
    Selfie with the village sign along the High St/Symonds Lane, almost opposite a dog & duck
  10. Motorcycle racing couldn’t take place without officials and Marshalls. Home of the EAAA
    Selfie at gate 4

Selecting the winner

Entrants were allocated a number when they submitted their application forms. The numbers of the 14 entrants who completed the Treasure Hunt were emailed superbike champion Chris Vermeulen, who selected a winning number

Successful entrants

#2. Ian Beeby
#3. Graham Maile
#4. John Gibson (with pillion Anne)
#6. Tim Mitchell
#7. Jason Wingfield
#8. Cheryl Wingfield
#9. Mike Pierce (with pillion Gill)
#12. Keith Anderson
#13. Mark Lister
#14. Rebecca Lister
#17. Graham Pryke
#18. Karen May
#26. Robert Setchell
#27. Andy Lonnen

And the winner is…

Chris opted for his lucky race number, #7, making the winner of a meal & drinks for two at our 2021 Christmas Dinner Jason Wingfield. Congratulations, Jason!