All-day ride to Kent, September 13th

Barry D will lead this longer all-day ride, which is open to full members only. This is the new & improved route which worked well when tested last year, so Barry plans to run the same program this time around

Barry describes the day…

We’ll meet up at 8:30am at Cambridge Services. Riders will need to set off with a full tank as it is about 150 miles each way!! Last year we picked up a couple of riders en-route, and I’ll be happy to accommodate in the same way this year: the pick-up points were the Duxford roundabout on the M11, and the first planned stop at Oakdene. If you’re in any doubt, give me a call

The ride heads down the M11 and over the Dartford bridge to the Oakdene truck stop (roughly 100 miles into the journey). From there it’s across the Kent countryside – the lovely garden of England – to Hythe, Dover (past the castle) and St Margaret’s Bay for lunch. This is where the cross channel swimmers leave for France and the illegal immigrants try to land, so your phone will tell you that you are in France and if it’s a clear day we should see the French coast

After lunch we’ll head north to Kingsdown, Deal (another castle) and then west to Canterbury, Chartham and the Hook & Hatchet for a quick stop before heading for the A229/A2, Dartford tunnel, M25, M11 and home. There is an option to avoid all major roads on the return journey depending on time, weather and forcefulness of the riders!!

Depending on the length of our stops, expect to be back between 7:00 & 7:30 in the evening

The numbers on this rideout are strictly limited: to reserve a place please contact Barry ( or 07733 388712)

Full details in the Events Calendar

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