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The club’s Chief Observer Graham Scott reviews a highly successful year with a few words of congratulations and thanks to the Associates, Members and Observers who make up Cambridge Advanced Motorcyclists

My thanks to all Members & Associates for their contribution this year to growing the group and raising the standard of motorcycling in our region. But special mention has to go to all in the Observer Team for so generously volunteering their time and experience for the benefit of their fellow bikers. Their commitment shines through when I tally the 2019 test successes: 20 so far, with 4 more due before the year is out (weather permitting). I believe this to be the best year yet for Cambridge Advanced Motorcyclists

All those who achieved the status of Member will have truly benefited from the mentoring of their Observers during their rideouts. This year’s record crop of F1RSTs (five awarded in 2019, compared to a respectable three in total in the three preceding years) underlines the quality of the riders we have in our Observer Team. On behalf of the club, I heartily thank them all

I have spoken at length with the two candidates who were not able to get through the test at their first go this year: in both cases they observed that ‘it went wrong on the day’. As a very happy postscript, one of these individuals went on the achieve a F1RST on re-test two days later!

Candidates who achieved the standard necessary to become full Members this year can view their achievement with pride. Likewise new Observers who joined the team in 2019: all have shown ‘they have what it takes’ and have committed to sharing their expertise with others. All this has made my job as Chief Observer easier, rewarding and worthwhile. And let’s not forget the Ride Leaders & Tail-enders who have supported and enhanced the Observer philosophy with group rides throughout the year

But let’s not sit back and congratulate ourselves too much: safer riding is always a work-in-progress, and with six new associates joining (having visited the NEC Motorcycle Show) recently there’s plenty more work to be done

I wish you all a great Christmas, and look forward to seeing you in the New Year and doing it all again. As I usually say before rideouts… stay between the hedges!

Sincerely yours. Graham

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  1. Andy Lee
    Andy Lee says:

    Hi Graham, thanks for mentioning my f1rst after failing the first test. I couldn’t live with the embarrassment of failure which spurred me on to put in a good performance 2nd time round. Thanks to my observer Steve Rowdon for his dedication to my cause


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