A F1RST-rate achievement

Congratulations to Stavros Theodoridis, who recently became an IAM F1RST member, only eight months after joining as an associate (and with just 18 months of motorcycling experience)

His participation in Cambridgeshire BikeSafe last July inspired Stavros to take his training further by joining IAM, and in August he was out on an assessed ride with Observer Barry Dickinson. Their partnership worked well, and over autumn and winter Stavros & Barry rode almost 300 miles together in 7 observed outings

Stavros rode in all weathers throughout the winter with his wife & friends, putting in approximately 5000 miles to develop the techniques he had discussed in his sessions with Barry. By January Stavros was ready for a pre-test ride with National Observer Chris Curryer. With a couple of pointers from Chris and one more observed ride with Barry it was time for the test…

Examiner Chris Devlin met with Stavros at the Wyboston Travelodge. The weather was ideal: slightly overcast, not windy, 10°C. The test route headed north on the A1, exiting at St Neots then all the way to Kimbolton, south on the B660 towards Bedford before joining the A421 back to the starting point

Joining the IAM and training with Barry Dickinson has been a great opportunity to develop as a rider whilst enjoying some superb rides with someone I’d now describe as a friend. I must give credit to Barry Dickinson, Chris Curryer and the support of the CAM Group who have all played an active role in helping me achieve my goal. Their commitment to rider safety and the biking community as a whole, is truly admirable

Stavros Theodoridis